Your Window Into West Africa

SBM Intelligence is an Africa-focused market/security intel gathering and strategic consulting firm. It is a leader in strategic research, providing actionable analyses of West Africa's socio-political and economic landscape via practical means. Our team of researchers and data scientists provide the intel that helps governments, businesses, and nongovernmental organisations achieve strategic objectives as they initiate or expand regional operations. Since 2013, we have served clients across various sectors in Africa, France, the UK, and the USA.


Due Diligence

Geopolitics, Security Monitoring & Predictive Analysis

Market Research

Partnerships & Communications

Primary Data Collection & Analysis

We are a client-focused firm that offers support to corporates, governments and NGOs. We provide market intelligence to help businesses to identify risks, assess opportunities and make decisions. We assess country specific risks for clients that want to work in Africa. We conduct due diligence on companies and individuals, and provide government relations for those looking to work in the challenging SSA region.

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