March 2017

1st March 2017

26 March 2017
Channels TV
Assessing Buhari Govt’s Performance: Spotlight On Works
What is the state of Nigeria’s roads?

18 March 2017
Guardian Nigeria
The Jollof Rice Index as a window into food inflation
In a week where the National Bureau of Statistics confirmed that the rise in inflation had slowed, fledgling Lagos-based research organisation, SBM Intelligence, has released a new product called SBM Jollof Index which examines the cost of preparing a Nigerian delicacy – Jollof Rice, for a family of six…

17 March 2017
Premium Times
Cost of making jollof rice rose 32 percent in 6 months – Report
Within the last six months, Nigerian households paid significantly more to make a pot of jollof rice, a newly-released survey found this week…

13 March 2017
Nigeria’s proposed sale of oft-bombed oil assets not easy
For sale: stakes in oil fields. Bids from world class energy companies preferred. Pipelines and terminals associated with the deposits only blown up about a dozen times in the past year. Deal may depend on crude prices…

10 March 2017
Financial Times
Nigerian leader returns from medical treatment overseas
Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s president, has returned to the country after 50 days of medical treatment in London, saying he will go back to work on Monday…

4 March 2017
Business Insider/AP
Nigeria wants Shell to open major pipeline but attack feared
Nigeria wants Royal Dutch Shell to reopen one of its main pipelines but the oil multinational is resisting, analysts say, for fear it could once again be bombed by militants…