24 August 2017
The Economist
The high cost of red tape in Nigeria
Many Nigerians may see building a hotel as an easy way to launder money…

23 August 2017
Boko Haram is using more children as suicide bombers in Nigeria
To keep its deadly insurgency alive, terrorist sect Boko Haram is doubling down on a new extreme: using child suicide bombers…

22 August 2017
Nnamdi Kanu: The man who was born to restore Biafra
Fifty years after the Nigerian civil war, Nigeria is facing another wave of agitation for the independence of a Biafran state…

21 August 2017
Nigeria’s Buhari vows to intensify war on militants
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari vowed to step up the fight against the Islamist militants and proponents of secession in his first speech after returning from three months of sick leave in London…

10 August 2017
Guardian Nigeria
Badoo’s trail of blood and dark statistics
In May 2017, Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics rated the country’s commercial capital and one of its most populated states, as the most crime-infested in 2016…