27 September 2017
Guardian Nigeria
Finally, stability returns on food index
The SBM Jollof index is a composite index that tracks the prices of the main ingredients used to prepare a pot of one of Nigeria’s primary delicacies – Jollof rice, for a family of six…

Back to war: Cameroon forcibly deporting Nigerian refugees
Cameroonian soldiers are using “extreme physical violence” to force tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the Boko Haram insurgency to return to northeastern Nigeria, Human Rights Watch has warned…

20 September 2017
All Africa
Nigeria: Herders against farmers – Nigeria’s expanding deadly conflict
Propelled by desertification, insecurity and the loss of grazing land to expanding settlements, the southward migration of Nigeria’s herders is causing violent competition over land with local farmers…

16 September 2017
With ₦5bn intervention fund, FG seeks to boost solid minerals sector
Efforts to grow and develop the country’s mining sector to make it contribute more effectively to government revenues got a boost with the launch of a ₦5 billion fund for artisanal and small scale miners recently…

11 September 2017
Cracks grow in Nigerian ruling party over Buhari’s plans
With doubts growing that Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari will seek a second term because of lingering health issues, cracks are emerging in the ruling All Progressives Congress as key politicians jostle to succeed him…

The Punch
National Guard is a misplaced venture
Confronted with dire security threats, the Nigerian government is, as usual, seeking to compound the problem. The recourse to the establishment of a National Guard as espoused by the Minister of the Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau, is wrong-headed and misses the point. The solution to rampant insecurity and the failure of policing requires more robust and practical measures such as devolution of law enforcement and extensive reforms of the security apparatus…

6 September 2017
Daily Independent
Economy remains weak as Nigeria exits recession
Nigeria’s economy, which entered into recession for the first time in 29 years in 2016, when it closed at -1.58 percent has officially swam out of trouble waters, according to National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Tuesday…

5 September 2017
The News & Observer
Nigeria, South Africa say they are out of recession
Two of Africa’s leading economies said Tuesday they have emerged from recession…

2 September 2017
The Cable
NNPC has to urgently clarify its recent reshuffling
There is no doubt that perceived marginalisation by some ethnic groups has exacerbated hate speeches in the country…