31 December 2017
Why Nigerian communities growing in hatred against Fulani herdsmen
In various parts of Nigeria, the Fulani herdsmen are increasingly viewed with suspicion and are being regarded as enemies by indigenous communities, a recent research by SBM Intelligence, a Lagos-based organisation devoted to the collection and analysis of information, through the evaluation of public sources has shown…

5 December 2017
Can Iran benefit from chaos in Nigeria?
In the grainy video, it looks just like another Nigerian roadblock, as youths armed with clubs signal for the traffic to stop on this dusty street in the northern city of Zaria…

4 December 2017
Six police killed in NE Nigeria herder-farmer dispute
Six police officers were killed in northeast Nigeria, police said on Monday, in an attack blamed on cattle herders following deadly clashes with farmers over land…

1 December 2017
FG failure to tackle herdsmen farmer crises worsens conflict
Nigeria’s pastoral conflict is expanding and deepening with many communities, Fulani and non-Fulani alike, beginning to take matters into their own hands, as they step into a gap created by the Federal Government’s failure to address the crises…