31 July 2018
Nigerians paid more for jollof rice in 4 months
Price of major ingredients used in preparing a pot of jollof rice for an average Nigerian family grew by 8.3 percent in four months, according to an SBM Intelligence report…

27 July 2018
Mass defections upend Nigerian politics as Buhari seeks new term
After a series of missteps on economic and security issues, one of the things Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari could pin his re-election hopes on was a feeble opposition. Not anymore…

24 July 2018
Nigerian senators dump Buhari for main opposition
More than a dozen senators left Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s ruling party for the main opposition on Tuesday, in a move seen as a challenge to his bid for re-election…

15 July 2018
Nigeria’s ruling party wins key state gubernatorial
A candidate from Nigeria’s ruling party won a key state gubernatorial on Sunday, the electoral body said, marking an early victory for President Muhammadu Buhari ahead of general elections next year…

10 July 2018
Buhari faces united opposition challenge in Nigerian vote
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari rode to power three years ago on the back of a broad coalition determined to oust the ruling party…

9 July 2018
Businesses delay decisions on uncertainty over 2019 elections
Nigerian businesses are putting critical investment decisions on ice ahead of the 2019 elections amid rising uncertainty over the outcome of the elections and its economic impact…

8 July 2018
City Journal
Lagos: Hope and warning
Lagos’s dysfunction extends out to sea. Oil tankers and container ships clutter the horizon beyond Lighthouse Beach, idling in anticipation of a docking slot at the only large-scale commercial port in Nigeria, a country of 180 million people…

6 July 2018
Pulse NG
How FG wants to put a permanent end to crisis with ₦179bn plan
In 2014, “Fulani militants” killed 1,229 people and earned the dubious honour of being named the fourth most deadly terrorist group in the world at the time…

5 July 2018
Rift opens in Nigeria’s ruling party as elections loom
Lawmakers in Nigeria’s ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) have formed a breakaway group in what is expected to be a prelude to defections as elections approach next year…

Rising violence in Central Nigeria risks Buhari’s election
An age-old conflict over grazing land in Nigeria that’s exploded into widespread violence may be threatening President Muhammadu Buhari’s chances for re-election in February…