19 December 2018
Al Jazeera
Nigeria’s former defence chief killed amid growing insecurity
Nigeria’s former chief of defence Air Marshal Alex Badeh, who was facing trial for alleged fraud, criminal breach of trust and money laundering, has been killed by unknown gunmen…

17 December 2018
Nigerian Army says UNICEF, Amnesty Intl aid Boko Haram
In less than a week, Nigeria’s military has railed against two major international organisations operating in the country…

15 December 2018
2019 electoral violence will be more than that of 2011
Nigeria’s private intelligence outfit which provides analysis of the nation’s socio-political and economic situation, SBM Intelligence, on Friday predicted that the electoral violence that may be witnessed in Nigeria in 2019 would be of greater magnitude than the one witnessed in 2011…

13 December 2018
Premium Times
How data can help young candidates run cost-effective campaigns – Analyst
The Head of Research at SB Morgen Intelligence, Cheta Nwanze, has advised young candidates in the 2019 general elections on how a good understanding of data would help them run cost-effective campaigns…

6 December 2018
Financial Times
Under fire: why Nigeria is struggling to defeat Boko Haram
Muna Custom House camp lies on the edge of Maiduguri, near one of many trenches surrounding the northern Nigerian city dug to help keep Boko Haram at bay…