28 February 2019
Triumphant Buhari can forget honeymoon as Nigeria woes mount
Muhammadu Buhari will have little time to celebrate his resounding victory in Nigeria’s presidential election before facing the multitude of problems dogging Africa’s biggest oil producer…

Upstream Online
Doubts cast over vote for Buhari in Nigeria
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has won a second term in an electoral process that SB Morgen’s Nigerian risk subsidiary SBM Intel; said “was amongst the most flawed in the country’s history, opening the way for dissent and social strife.

7 February 2019
Nigerian President Buhari wins second term while opponent calls election a ‘sham’
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari won a second term to lead the most populous country in Africa, the country’s elections authority said Wednesday, while his main opponent promised to challenge the result in court…

26 February 2019
The Associated Press
Nigeria president’s campaign says he has numbers to win vote
Nigeria’s president appeared poised to win a second term in Africa’s largest democracy, with unofficial results on Tuesday showing a victory, a campaign spokesman said — news that set off celebrations in the capital…

25 February 2019
New York Times
Dozens dead in Nigeria as election results are delayed
Election Day violence killed at least 39 people across Nigeria, civil society groups reported, and with ballot-counting halted and rumors flying, Nigerians were left waiting on Monday for an announcement of the winner in the presidential contest…

Marred by glitches and violence
When Google experienced a glitch that caused the Nigerian Naira to trade at 184 per US dollar few hours before the presidential election, a clairvoyant would have interpreted it as a sign the election would be marred by glitches and violence; and would have been right…

24 February 2019
Nigeria votes for a 2nd day in places as death toll rises
Nigeria faced a second day of voting in scattered areas Sunday in a presidential election seen as too close to call, while the death toll from vote-related violence mounted in Africa’s largest democracy…

Observers say several killed in Nigeria poll violence
As many as 35 people were killed in election violence in Nigeria civil society groups said on Sunday after voters went to the polls in a tight presidential race between President Muhammadu Buhari and businessman Atiku Abubakar…

23 February 2019
Nigeria votes for a new president after delay
Nigerians vote for a new president on Saturday after a week-long delay that has raised political tempers, sparked conspiracy claims and stoked fears of violence…

22 February 2019
Nigerians get ready for election day (again)
Nigerians are expected to cast their ballots on Saturday, seven days after the country’s presidential and parliamentary election were abruptly postponed just hours before polling stations opened…

Nigeria’s Buhari promises security for delayed presidential election
President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday urged Nigerians “to go out and vote”, promising there would be adequate security for Saturday’s postponed election that pits him in a tight race with businessman Atiku Abubakar…

21 February 2019
Nigeria’s election delay disrupts wedding plans, life
When Gladys Megai first heard the second half of Nigeria’s elections had been rescheduled to hold on her wedding day (Mar. 9), she thought it was fake news…

20 February 2019
The Africa Report
Forget Nigerian election delay; Devaluation fears will drive markets
It will take much more than a one-week delay in Nigeria’s election to influence stock and currency markets…

18 February 2019
Guardian Nigeria
Nigerians need to be apologised to, says Former Delta speaker
Former Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly, Hon Victor Ochei has said that independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), should properly apologise to Nigerians over the postponement of the 2019 general elections…

Nigeria will lose over $1 billion in GDP for postponing the 2019 general elections
For postponing the Saturday, February 16 and March 2019 elections, Nigeria, Africa’s biggest economy, may lose about 2% of its GDP to the delays and other electioneering activities, analysts have projected…

16 February 2019
Associated Press
Nigeria’s candidates blame each other in surprise vote delay
Nigeria’s top candidates on Saturday condemned the surprise last-minute decision to delay the presidential election for a week until Feb. 23, blaming each other but appealing to Africa’s largest democracy for calm…

Nigeria’s last-minute postponement throws vote into disarray
The last-minute delay of Nigeria’s general elections by a week carries dangers for both President Muhammadu Buhari and his main opponent, Atiku Abubakar…

15 February 2019
The Atlantic
Nigeria’s militarized democracy faces a test at the polls
Politics in Nigeria can be like General Hospital or Coronation Street—a long-running soap opera in which the cast rarely changes. Except here, it’s all about the military…

Islamic State wreaks havoc as turbulent Nigeria nears vote
Amina Sanusi was getting ready for morning prayers at her home in northeastern Nigeria when she heard gunshots and explosions…

Foreign Policy
Slouching toward secession in Nigeria
As Emeka Udeze recently counted the 1,200 naira ($3.32) he made from the sale of a generator set, he turned on the radio in his store. Nearby shopkeepers began to troop into Udeze’s shop, which also doubled as a warehouse in this town in the area of eastern Nigeria that was once part of the independent state of Biafra. Every evening during the radio broadcasts, they all gather in Udeze’s shop to listen and debate…

14 February 2019
Africa Check
Battle of the titans: Fact-checking arch-rivals in race for Nigeria’s presidency
This week, Nigerians will elect a president. They are spoilt for choice: the official list has 73 names for the presidency, though some have since dropped out or endorsed others…

13 February 2019
Nigeria’s election: young voters, old candidates
Two men in their 70s are contesting a Nigerian presidential election in which half the registered voters are aged between 18 and 35…

10 February 2019
Nigeria’s main parties in access row as campaign peaks
Nigeria’s president and ruling party were on Saturday accused of dirty tricks to stifle opposition support, with one week to go before the election in Africa’s most populous nation…

6 February 2019
Atiku Abubakar – the Nigerian operator who knows how to make money
The man aiming to wrest the Nigerian presidency from Muhammadu Buhari has built a career circling the summits of public life…