31 May 2019
Focus on Africa (Audio)
The African Continental Free Trade Area is now in full effect, after 23 countries out of 44 signed an agreement to create one African market which could potentially be worth trillions of dollars…

29 May 2019
Voter apathy clouds Buhari’s second term as Nigerian President
When Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari begins his second term on Wednesday, he’ll do so with the blessing of just 8% of the nation’s 201 million people…

Nigerian President Buhari sworn in for second term, facing key security challenges
Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari took the reins of leadership for another term on Wednesday, against a tense backdrop of insecurity and economic uncertainty…

28 May 2019
Financial Times
Muhammadu Buhari’s challenge to keep Nigeria’s lights on
Babatunde Fashola’s office was buzzing like so many Nigerian workplaces, humming and whirring as diesel generators and batteries clicked on when the power cut out. That he is Nigeria’s power minister was an irony not lost on him…

25 May 2019
Nigeria’s middle class keep emigrating to Canada, Australia
When Timi and Ehis got married in a small, intimate ceremony in Lagos last October it marked the start of their new lives together—but it was not one they planned to live in Nigeria…

24 May 2019
Daily Post
2019 Elections: Death of 626 Nigerians unacceptable – Stakeholders
Nigerians across the country have described as most unfortunate and condemnable the death of over 600 Nigerians during the just concluded general elections…

626 killed in 2019 elections ― Report
No less than 626 persons were reportedly killed in the event leading to and during the conduct of the 2019 general elections in Nigeria…

20 May 2019
The National
Muhammadu Buhari promises to take Nigeria to the ‘next level’ after winning second term
It was billed as a close contest between two septuagenarian heavyweights vying to lead Africa’s largest democracy. But after a one-week delay, accusations of political chicanery from both sides, and election-related violence that led to at least 39 deaths, incumbent Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari secured a second term in office over major opposition candidate Atiku Abubakar…

19 May 2019
Premium Times
Tension in Nigeria as Buhari govt accuses opposition of subversive tactics
The Nigerian government’s media onslaught over purported opposition plots to seize power with extralegal tactics could have a serious implication for the nation’s already fragile stability, security experts warned on Thursday…

10 May 2019
What SBM’s Jollof index says about inflation in Nigeria’s regions
For the first time in four years since SBM Intelligence, an arm of SB Morgen, started tracking prices of key household items across major markets in Nigeria, Onitsha and Awka collected the mantle of the most pocket-friendly cities to cook jollof from Lagos…

8 May 2019
Al Jazeera
Nigeria tribunal to hear petitions on president’s election win
A panel of five judges at Nigeria’s appellate court opened a hearing on Wednesday into legal challenges filed by the country’s main opposition against the outcome of February’s presidential polls, as a throng of protesting women converged outside…

BBC Pidgin
Jollof rice cheap pass to cook for Onitsha and Awka inside Nigeria
City of Onitsha and Awka for Anambra State for south east Nigeria don become di cheapest city to cook jollof rice for di kontri according to report by SBM Intelligence…