30 October 2019
Bonds & Loans
“Nigeria is broke, but it’s not acting like it”
All is not well in the largest economy on the African continent. Nigeria faces an array of issues, largely the result of internal political problems. Bonds & Loans speaks with Cheta Nwanze, Head of Research at SBM Intelligence, about public debt, central bank independence, and growing political risk in Nigeria…

29 October 2019
Why Nigeria’s unemployment situation remains ‘frightening’ and could become ‘catastrophic’
Nigeria overtook India as having the largest number of people living in extreme poverty — 87 million — according to the Washington-based Brookings Institution…

28 October 2019
News Central TV
International day for eradication of poverty
This year marked the 30th anniversary of the adoption of Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) on 20 November 1989. The Convention recognizes the right of every child to a standard of living adequate for the child’s physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development…

24 October 2019
Nigeria improves in World Bank ease of doing business ranking, but is it easier to do business there?
Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, improved its ranking on the latest World Bank ease of doing business index, but some analysts say that doesn’t necessarily mean an improved economy — and that the country still has anti-business policies…

Nigerian roads have become nightmares, Rep laments
The House of Representatives Chairman of the Committee on Federal Roads Maintenance Agency, Mr Olufemi Bamisile on Wednesday said bad roads in the country had become nightmares to the users…

21 October 2019
Africa’s biggest oil producer can’t beat fuel-imports addiction
Africa’s biggest oil producer is trying to get its refineries working in an attempt to wean itself off imported fuel. Yet again…

17 October 2019
Nigerians spend 60% more for a pot of Jollof rice than 3yrs ago
Nigerians are spending 60 percent more on average for a family pot of Jollof rice than they did three years ago, according to the 2019 July Jollof Index by SBM Intelligence, Nigeria’s leading geopolitical intelligence platform, and experts have blamed it on the partial closure of the borders…

Daily Maverick
Nigeria’s ever-present hum
Nigeria has the most staggering history of failing to realise its potential when it comes to generating and delivering electricity to its people. The people have found a workaround, in the form of widespread use of generators – which brings its own, sometimes fatal, problems. As well as taking a heavy toll on the environment…

Premium Times
Buhari says Boko Haram aiming ‘soft targets’, but Nigeria loses 2,006 soldiers in three years
President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday repeated his claim that Boko Haram has been defeated and reduced to aiming “soft targets”, but a new report says the group has targeted and killed at least 2,006 Nigerian soldiers in the last three years…

14 October 2019
Wee Tracker
Inside Nigeria where entrepreneurship is not a solution but the sign of a big problem
Over the years, the benefit and impact of entrepreneurship have, time and again, proven quite instrumental to uplifting societies and improving economies…

8 October 2019
The Cable
Report: Boko Haram crisis returning to pre-2015 levels with new strategy
The Boko Haram crisis is worsening and returning to pre-2015 levels when the insurgents held territories in the north-east, a report by SB Morgen says…

7 October 2019
African Business Magazine
Dangote’s oil refinery faces delay
In the decades since the discovery of oil in the 1950s, Nigeria has struggled to progress from merely exporting crude to transforming itself into a regional hub for refined products…

Guardian Nigeria
Super camps make Nigerian Army ‘less nimble’ against terrorists – Report
The super camp strategy recently adopted by the Nigerian Army in its fight against Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria’s northeast is making the troops “less nimble,” a new report said…

New Telegraph
Nigeria imports, fuels generators with ₦10trn in 2 years
The importation and fuelling of generators by banks, corporate organisations and homes in Nigeria has gulped a whopping $32.6 billion (over ₦10 trillion) in the last two years as the Africa’s biggest economy struggles with gross inefficiency of power supply…

6 October 2019
Pulse Nigeria
The new ‘Joker’ movie is a warning to Nigeria and other African nations of the powder keg that is neglected youth
The Joker is a product of DC Comics who made his debut in 1940. Also known as the Clown Prince of Crime, he calls the fictional Gotham city home and shares it with superhero Batman. Gotham is crime infested, run by gangs, has inept leadership, poor infrastructure, and glaring income inequality. Many would liken it to Lagos city…

3 October 2019
Buhari denies third term bid
A full three years before the next elections, Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari has been forced to deny reports that he will be seeking a third term in 2023…

2 October 2019
Nigeria’s Buhari visits S.Africa after xenophobic violence
That Nigeria’s 2019 general election is still seen as an outlier – for good or bad – amongst the six general elections conducted in the Fourth Republic of the nation is not a misplace misgiving…

Petroleum Economist
Nigeria’s refining renaissance
The 62-year old shoulders of Aliko Dangote support, to all intents and purposes, the lofty ambitions and desperate hopes of Nigeria in boosting its refining capacity, thanks to his new refinery under construction in a free trade zone on the outskirts of Lagos, its commercial capital…