29 February 2020
Premium Times
Party Deregistration: Why INEC’s action is generating controversy
Nigeria has witnessed a proliferation of political parties since the country returned to democratic civil rule under the Fourth Republic…

28 February 2020
Arise News
Coronavirus: How can Nigeria depend less on trading with China?
Confidence MacHarry, a Security Analyst with SBM Intelligence, looks at the effect of the coronavirus on the Nigerian economy via trade with China. He also looks at the steps Nigeria has to take to depend less on imports from the world’s second-largest economy…

Nigeria tracing first coronavirus case in Sub-Saharan Africa
Nigerian health authorities said they’re tracing everyone who’s been in contact with an Italian man who tested positive for the coronavirus, the first such case in sub-Saharan Africa…

27 February 2020
Guardian Nigeria
Nigeria’s recession buffer weak as Coronavirus drives oil near $47/bbl
With the impact of the coronavirus taking a toll on oil demand and the economy in general, the fear of another recession appears to be imminent as oil price dropped to $53.71 per barrel, amidst falling external reserves and excess crude account (ECA)…

The Africa Report
Ghosts of privatisations past rear head in asset sale fight
Nigeria’s attempt to raise as much as ₦252 billion ($6.9 billion) from sales of undisclosed government assets has pitched the Bureau of Public Enterprise (BPE) in a fierce battle with the National Assembly, who accuse the bureau of opacity in its operations…

26 February 2020
The Cable
Coronavirus: SBM Intelligence says Nigeria risks recession as oil prices drop
Analysts at SBM Intelligence says the Nigerian economy is at risk of a recession as the outbreak has resulted in a drop in crude oil prices.

25 February 2020
Hate speech regulation in focus as Social Media Week begins
The plan by the Federal Government to regulate hate speech on social media was the highlight of the first day of Social Media Week 2020 which began in Lagos on Monday, with experts urging the President Muhammadu Buhari administration to clearly define the subject before moving for regulation…

Guardian Nigeria
‘Nigeria must strengthen democratic process to handle hate speech’
With various dangers identified with hate speech and its handling by the Federal Government, experts have said that Nigeria must strengthen democratic process to avoid huge pitfalls. While some have condemned alleged bias on the part of the government in handling some issues in the country, others are of the opinion that the government has to be diplomatic in handling challenges bedevilling Nigeria…

ICIR Nigeria
COVID-19: Nigeria at risk of new recession – Report
AS China struggles with the Coronavirus otherwise known as COVID-19, a new report by the SB Morgen has revealed how the deadly virus will severely affect Nigeria’s Oil and Gas sector, thus result in likely economic recession…

24 February 2020
Nigeria’s economy has best quarterly growth since recession
Nigeria’s economy is making a comeback—but it’s still not happening fast enough. Since suffering a recession and full year of negative growth in 2016, Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy has recovered—slowly…

19 February 2020
The Cable
Aso Rock official murdered in Abuja
Laetitia Dagan, assistant director of administration at the state house, has been murdered at her Abuja residence…

10 February 2020
ICIR Nigeria
Abuja is becoming more unsafe for residents – Data Report
With at least 23 attacks and 27 fatalities in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in the last one year, Abuja is fast becoming unsafe for its residents…

Report: 22 Killed, 22 Others Kidnapped in Abuja
A report by an intelligence gathering firm, SBM Intelligence, has shown that 22 people were killed and 22 others kidnapped in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in the last one year. The report put the number of unemployed youths in Abuja and four contiguous states of Kaduna, Kogi, Niger and Nasarawa at 2.2 million and described the situation as a trigger for the rising crime wave…

5 February 2020
Sahara Reporters
Is Buhari aware that bandits are taking over FCT?
The scale of bandit enterprise is much more petrifying with the incursive attacks of criminal gangs in the Federal Capital Territory – the province from where President Muhammadu Buhari presides over the country. Also, the FCT is the headquarters of the police, army, navy, air force, DSS, NIA, and defence ministry. It hosts all federal ministries and the other two arms of government. Unarguably, the incidents of banditry and kidnapping in the nation’s capital ring aloud the complete collapse of security in the country…

4 February 2020
The Cable
27 killed, 22 abducted in Abuja in one year
This might cause you migraine: 27 persons are reported to have been victims of extra-judicial killings in Abuja since February 2019…