Testing remains an issue in Nigeria. Last week, the government lifted the ban on interstate travel was expected. Although the number of cases keeps rising – it sat at about 25,694 at the time of making this chart – the government is left with very little choice but to lift the travel ban as it has put a lot of hardship on Nigerians with the rising prices coming at a time of decreasing incomes. However, movement resumed on the same day that there was an attack on a COVID-19 press conference in Kogi, one state where the governor has consistently denied the presence of the coronavirus. The actions and statements of the governors of Kogi and Cross River states, and events such as the FMC Lokoja violence, will provide justification for the rest of the world to keep travel restrictions in place on Nigerians if we have whole states that refuse to take COVID-19 seriously and threaten health personnel demanding for better.