July 2020

1st July 2020

31 July 2020
As Southern Kaduna boils…
Indigenes and residents of Southern Kaduna in Kaduna state can no longer sleep with their two eyes closed because of the nefarious activities armed killer men. ELEOJO IDACHABA, in this report, takes a look at what analysts have referred to as well co-ordinated and planned attacks on the hapless, aged and the children…

30 July 2020
NewsWire NGR
How a governor’s internal conflict might be destroying his state
“…Leaders in general possessed huge components of both good and evil. Some had a little bit more evil than others. I always had difficulty understanding how Obasanjo could sit with us and preach about sacrifice and transparency one moment and then the next, sit with the GMD of NNPC about how to get some payments to the PDP…

29 July 2020
ICIR Nigeria
Southern Kaduna Killings: Over 500 killed in first half of 2020
OVER 511 persons have been killed in Southern Kaduna as of July 25, a report by SB Morgen (SBM) has revealed…

28 July 2020
Sahara Reporters
Southern Kaduna: A long story of herdsmen raids, reprisal and government neglect
The military did not step in to quell the violence sparked by the Sharia riots until the third month. Riot police were reported to have stayed back and watched houses, churches and mosques get burnt…

27 July 2020
Inefficiency, long dwell time, others make sea freight into Nigeria most expensive globally
Despite the Executive Order on Ease of Doing Business introduced by the Federal Government in 2017 to ease import and export flow, the cost of freight into Nigeria has remained one of the highest in world…

Lagos Island residents to pay more for basic items on 3rd Mainland Bridge closure
Prices of food and other essential items might trend higher in the near term in the Lagos Island area of Nigeria’s commercial capital as traders may leverage the partial closure of the Third Mainland Bridge for quick gains, according to a recent report from Lagos-based investment advisory firm, Financial Derivatives Company (FDC)…

26 July 2020
Buhari should arrest epidemic of criminal violence
A gory video circulating online of terrorists executing five aid workers captured in the North-East climaxed another week of bloodletting, kidnapping and pillage in a country where scores of people are murdered almost every day and many violent deaths go unmarked…

25 July 2020
The Cable
‘Don’t forget home’ — Buhari asks Nigerians abroad to support COVID-19 economic recovery efforts
President Muhammadu Buhari has urged Nigerians in the diaspora to support the country’s post-COVID-19 economic recovery efforts…

23 July 2020
Bridging the infrastructure gap: What’s the best model?
Cheta Nwanze, Lead Partner, SBM Intelligence, joins us to analyze the best model we should adopt in bridging the infrastructure gap in Nigeria…

Anadolu Agency
Nigeria: Over 2,700 killed in 3 months of violence
Over 2,700 lives were lost to violence in Nigeria over the past three months, local media reported on Thursday. According to a report by Nigerian research group SBM Intelligence, 2,732 people were killed in 33 states and the federal capital Abuja between April and June…

Premium Times
2,732 people killed in Nigeria between April and June – Report
An estimated 2,732 people were killed in 33 states and the FCT in three months, a new report by a Lagos based research firm has shown…

20 July 2020
Newswire NGR
National Debt; Nigeria is sitting on a keg of gunpowder
Nigeria’s total public debt stock rose from ₦8.32 trillion in Q3 2013 to ₦28.63 trillion as of Q1 2020. Just like most developing countries of the world, Nigeria relies substantially on external funding in financing its infrastructural projects like roads, electricity-generation plants, rails, health, housing, education etc. However, a 244% increase in debt figures in just 7 years is huge and can’t be underestimated. This made international organizations like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) issue an advisory on the consequences of high debt on Nigeria’s economy…

19 July 2020
NAF releases preliminary report on Arotile’s death today
The Nigerian Air Force yesterday disclosed that it would provide a preliminary report of investigation into the death of Flying Officer Tolulope Arotile. However, the Joint National Action Civil Society Coalition has called on the federal government to undertake a full forensic investigation into Arotile’s unfortunate death…

18 July 2020
The Cable
Interview with Ikemesit Effiong
Ikemesit Effiong, head of research, SBM Intelligence, talks about the rise in food prices, and Nigeria’s economy…

The Cable
Nigeria is a fan of imported maize despite being Africa’s largest producer
Data made available by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) show that Nigeria has been close to attaining self-sufficiency in maize production as far back as 1960…

17 July 2020
NewsWire NGR
Food inflation, where are we headed?
Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics recently released the June Consumer Price Index (CPI) which showed that Nigeria’s annual inflation rate has risen for the 10th straight month. Inflation rose to 12.56% in June of this year. In May it was 12.4%…

The Sun News
Group calls for investigation into death of female combat helicopter pilot
As Nigerians mourns the unfortunate death of Tolulope Arotile, Nigeria’s first female combat helicopter pilot, who according to the official statement released by the Air Force, died after a road accident in Kaduna State, a Joint National Action Civil Society Coalition has called on the federal government to wade into forensic investigation into the sad incident…

16 July 2020
The Cable
Foodstuff prices increased by 78 percent in four years
The latest Jollof Index published by SBM Intelligence shows that the price of foodstuff used in preparing jollof rice increased by 78 percent between July 2016 and June 2020…

Silverbird N24
On CBN’s new loan guideline and its negative impact on the economy
The Central Bank of Nigeria has been making moves to help revive the economy post covid-19 lockdown. One of them which is generating controversy is the recent leeway given to banks to withdraw loan defaulter’s money from other banks using the BVN. SBM Intelligence’s head of research, Ikemesit Effiong spoke about it on Today’s Business…

15 July 2020
Guardian Nigeria
Interpreting why nations fail or struggle
How do you explain to people for example, that the evidence suggests production, the output that sustains and enhances our quality of life has been in decline since the Land Use Act or decree of 1976? The intellectual easy path would be to explain the role of institutions and economic performance but you know how many years of study it took you to make those abstractions and then linkages between concepts and phenomena and you feel frustration well up…

14 July 2020
Cost of making jollof rice surges 78% in 4yrs
Within a four-year period, the cost of preparing a pot of jollof rice, a popular delicacy by Nigerian households is almost twice what it used to be, reflecting the erosion of purchasing power to double-digit inflation in Africa’s biggest economy and global poverty capital…

Wuse II is most expensive city to cook a pot of Jollof Rice
Data from Nigerian based research firm SBM Intelligence reveals it now cost ₦7,240 on average to make a pot of Jollof rice in Nigeria a 6% rise from the same period in April…

13 July 2020
Arise TV
The SBM Intelligence “Jollof Index” shows food prices in Nigeria continue to be elevated
Rosemary Enemuo, Research Analyst at SBM Intelligence, appeared on the Global Business Report to discuss the Consulting firm’s “Jollof Index” which tracked food prices across the 6 geopolitical zones of the nation. Why are food prices still elevated?

Daily Trust
‘Current economic realities necessitated naira devaluation’
Dipping oil prices, COVID-19, increasing debt, high poverty, and unemployment have been identified as factors that have forced the Nigerian government to change its earlier stance on the continued protection of the naira and succumbed to its devaluation by about 5.5 percent…

10 July 2020
Business Post
The pandemics of the prodigal generation – 4IR Economy or politics
In an article published by SBM Intelligence and titled Nigeria in a changing geopolitical context on Monday, August 26, 2019, the dangers facing Nigeria, if it does not align with the emerging new world order, were highlighted, with the pandemic reechoing the points raised…