11 May 2021
The Africa Report
Nigeria’s Governors are trying out state police and vigilantes. Will it work?
On 17 February 2021, as students of the Government Science College (GSC) in north-central Niger State slept, they were woken up at midnight by gunshots fired by over 50 bandits who strolled into the school that had no fence but just a single guard as its security layer…

10 May 2021
Worsening insecurity under Mr President’s watch (1)
Nigeria could learn a lot from America’s 9/11 terrorist attack on its soil. Since the deadly attack that cost several lives on that fateful September morning, the US security architecture has undergone an unmatchable renaissance…

8 May 2021
Guardian Nigeria
Insecurity: How Nigeria can curb inflow of illicit arms
As Nigeria contends with escalating insecurity, it has become obvious that unless the country mops up illicit arms circulating in its territory, citizens’ hope of sleeping with their two eyes closed might remain elusive…

7 May 2021
Plus TV Africa
Nothing much to celebrate as Nigeria lost over 590 citizens to insecurity in April
Over 590 Nigerians died in violent attacks across the nation as reported by SB Morgan Intelligence in a report on the state of insecurity in Nigeria. 160 incidents of violent attacks were recorded across 31 states of the federation…

3 May 2021
Channels Television
X-Raying Security Challenges In Nigeria
Geopolitical and security analyst at SBM Intelligence, Confidence McHarry examined approaches to addressing Nigeria’s security challenges…

Insecurity: Is State Police the solution
With the growing state of insecurity plaguing the nation, the effects would doubtlessly also be felt economically…

Premium Times
Why Nigeria may not meet its COVID-19 vaccination target
About two months after it rolled out one of Africa’s largest COVID-19 vaccination programme, Nigeria has administered only 1.2 million vaccine shots, less than two per cent of a target it set for the end of the year…

As insecurity rages across Nigeria
Chiemelie Ezeobi and Kingsley Nwezeh, who chronicled the recent spate of insecurity across the nation, write that it has reached a worrisome crescendo especially after witnessing one of the most violent weeks in the nation’s recent history, as was further collaborated by the SBM Intelligence index report that 590 people were killed in April alone…

2 May 2021
Counting the cost of kidnapping
The present scourge of kidnapping for ransom presents an opportunity for insurance companies to fashion out kidnap and ransom policies to all classes of Nigerians, writes John Aku Ambi…

1 May 2021
Sahara Reporters
How Boko Haram fighters from Nigeria were killed, captured by Chadian troops
The Chadian troops killed over 22 Boko Haram fighters who crossed from Nigeria into Chad, a source in the Nigerian Army said…

Over 590 Nigerians murdered in violent attacks in April, says report
A new report by SB Morgen (SBM) Intelligence says over 590 Nigerians lost their lives in violent attacks in various parts of the country last month…

Dealing with insecurity the el-Rufai way
Even the deaf can hear the rhythm of the prevailing chaos in the country. One could feel the heavy hands of the grave danger. There are no pretences about it…