31 March 2022
AF24 News
Kaduna: Nigerian gov’s admit security failures, tender apologies as death toll hits 8
Nigerian governors have admitted current security failures in the country and have apologized to victims and families of the Abuja- Kaduna train attack which occurred on Monday, saying the unwarranted murderous act has put to question the collective ability of Nigerian leaders to govern…

Press focuses on security lapses leading to attack on train by bandits, others
The failure by the government to adequately protect passengers until Monday’s train attack by bandits is one of the trending stories in Nigerian newspapers on Thursday…

Experts blame government for failure to secure rails
Despite several signs that the Abuja-Kaduna railway was susceptible to bandits attack and amid massive resources in loans and funds voted to revamp rail transportation across the country, the Federal Government failed to adequately protect passengers until Monday’s attack…

Kaduna train attack questions our capacity to govern — Govs
Governors of the 36 states of the federation yesterday condemned the terrorist attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train service, saying the attack and other acts of violence in the country questioned their capacity to govern…

30 March 2022
Channels TV
Kaduna Train Attack: Life Is Near Worthless Under APC, Buhari – PDP
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has strongly condemned what it terms continued insecurity and near worthlessness of the lives of Nigerians under the insensitive and cruel All Progressives Congress (APC) government as evidenced by the vicious terrorist attack on innocent Nigerians travelling in a Kaduna State-bound train on Monday, March 28, 2022…

Russian Invasion: Putin To Order Payment Of Gas In Roubles
Security Analyst, Confidence McHarry speaks on the global financial and geopolitical implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine…

Daily Post
Kaduna train attack: Buhari-led APC govt has collapsed – PDP
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), on Wednesday, said the successful ambush of the train on the Abuja-Kaduna service by terrorists, who killed many Nigerians, abducted scores of others, in an operation that lasted for over an hour, confirms its stand that the security command and control coordination structure under President Buhari has collapsed…

Daily Trust
Outrage Trails Terrorists’ Attack On Abuja-Kaduna Train
There was outrage and mourning on Tuesday over the Monday attack on Abuja-Kaduna train by terrorists, leading to many deaths and injuries. Daily Trust had reported how terrorists bombed a rail track and opened fire on passengers, abducting some and killing others…

Guardian Nigeria
Shock as terrorists launch another train attack in 24 hours
As families and friends mourn victims of the terrorist attacks on the Kaduna-bound train on Monday night, Nigerians have continued to lament the spate of recent attacks with the question: ‘What is a Nigerian life worth?’…

Le Monde
Au Nigeria, l’attaque meurtrière d’un train révèle la montée en puissance des gangs
Au Nigeria, la route qui relie Abuja, la capitale fédérale, et la grande ville de Kaduna, environ 200 kilomètres au nord, est réputée la plus dangereuse du pays. Les villages qui la bordent sont la cible d’attaques fréquentes de ceux qu’on surnomme « bandits » dans la région. Les voyageurs qui circulent sur cet axe s’exposent quant à eux au risque d’être enlevés par des coupeurs de route…

Abuja-Kaduna rail line: Why attacks have increased
The recent attacks by terrorists on critical government infrastructure in Kaduna has come as a shock to many, as in the space of 3 days, terrorists attacked the Kaduna airport and the Abuja-Kaduna train, leading to unconfirmed reports of casualties…

News Central
Insecurity In Nigeria Heightens Amidst Train Attacks
Tension has continued to rise in the capital city and across the country after at least seven people were killed and several missing after suspected bandits struck a passenger train as it headed to Kaduna from the country’s capital Abuja, a few days after gunmen attacked an airport in the city…

Nigerian Tribune
Kaduna Train Attack: Life Near Worthless Under APC, Buhari —PDP
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has condemned in strong terms what it called continuing insecurity and near worthlessness of the lives of Nigerians under the All Progressives Congress (APC) government as, according to the main opposition party, evidenced by the vicious terrorist attack on innocent Nigerians travelling in a Kaduna State-bound train on Monday…

Premium Times
How Buhari’s admin ignored signs of impending attack on Abuja-Kaduna train, failed to protect passengers
Despite several signs that the Abuja -Kaduna railway was susceptible to bandit attack, the government failed to adequately protect passengers until Monday’s attack that led to the death of at least eight persons, with several others injured or abducted…

29 March 2022
AF24 News
Doctor planning to relocate from Nigeria killed in Kaduna-Abuja train attack
A young medical doctor, Dr Megafu Chinelo, was among those killed when bandits bombed a Kaduna-Abuja passenger train on Monday night…

22 March 2022
Premium Times
Inside Nigeria’s bloody war with IPOB where innocent citizens pay heavy price
Noel Ezeribe left home for his shop on Friday, April 30, 2021, in his ‘new’ Toyota Camry car delivered to him just the day before. The shop, Shawarma and Fish Barbecue Spot, is located at Orlu Road, Akwakuma in Owerri, the Imo State capital. His wife, Juliet, who was four months pregnant with their third child, wished him a good day as she saw him off. But it was the last time she would see him alive…

20 March 2022
The Nation
‘Government must integrate value for life in its policies’
The Nigerian government must actively integrate value for the life of its citizens in all facets of policymaking and implementation if the country is to make appreciable progress in attaining its corporate goals…

19 March 2022
APC: The Limits of Propaganda
On May 29, 2015, The Cable online newspaper catalogued the 81 promises with which the All Progressives Congress (APC) wooed Nigerians ahead of the 2015 presidential election. Nigerians were given postdated cheques that APC was ab initio aware would bounce…

17 March 2022
ICIR Nigeria
Insecurity: Timeline of Buhari’s condolences in one year
Hours after 60 vigilantes reportedly died from bandits’ attack in communities in Sakaba/Wassagu LGA of Kebbi State in March, President Muhammadu Buhari commiserated with the state and promised to intensify his administration’s effort to defeat the ‘monsters’…

15 March 2022
Guardian Nigeria
Fuel subsidy: Who bears the burden?
Movement is essential to life and in a country like Nigeria where individuals are largely responsible for their transportation, it is a given that transport cost takes a large chunk of the disposable income of an average Nigerian…

Sahara Reporters
National Assembly ‘Kills’ Bill Compelling Political Office Holders To Vacate Seat After Defection To Another Party
he National Assembly has rejected a bill which will compel any elected political office holder to vacate his seat for defecting to another political party. The bill to “alter the Provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 to Provide for the Termination of Tenure of Certain Elected Officials on Account of of Political Party; and for Related Matters” failed to pass after both chambers voted against it while amending the constitution…

14 March 2022
Petrol smuggling worsens, drains NNPC supply
The smuggling of subsidised petrol across Nigeria’s borders is emerging as the hottest gig in town as housewives, teenagers, bike riders have joined fraudulent marketers in the illicit trade, BusinessDay has learnt…

Subsidy: It’s impossible for Nigeria to consume up to 70 million litres a day – Saraki
Former Senate President, Bukola Saraki has challenged the Federal Government’s plans to spend on Petrol subsidy based on 70 million litres a day consumption, stating that Nigeria’s fuel consumption cannot be more than 35 million litres a day, and hinted that Nigeria could be subsidizing fuel for neighbouring West African states…

People’s Gazzette
FG’s claim Nigeria consumes 70 million litres of petrol fraudulent: Saraki
Former Senate President Bukola Saraki has faulted claims that Nigeria consumes about 70 million litres of fuel daily. Mr Saraki while speaking on Channels TV argued that the country could not consume more than 30 to 40 million litres of fuel daily…

13 March 2022
GB News
Cheta Nwanze on Geopolitics, Africa and ‘the new cold war’
‘Prior to the end of the Cold War, Western countries tended to support strongmen in this part of the world.’ Journalist and Partner at SBM Intelligence, Cheta Nwanzeon, discusses global superpowers ‘pushing cold interests’ when building relationships with African countries…

12 March 2022
Guardian Nigeria
Aftermath of #EndSARS protests: Policing crippled, insecurity escalates
Since Nigerian youths, under the #EndSARS Movement, took to the streets over a year ago to protest against widespread police brutality against the citizens, and demanded prescription of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) for violating the fundamental human rights of Nigerians, the country has been facing escalating insecurity…

7,691 Nigerian civilians killed in armed conflicts between terrorists and security men in 2 yrs
Civilians in the Northeast, Northwest, North central and Southeast regions of Nigeria are usually caught in the middle of ongoing conflicts between the Federal Government and multiple Armed Opposition Groups, AOGs that have grown from Boko Haram since 2009…

10 March 2022
Human Angle
Insecurity: What Happened To Kaduna’s ₦1.2b Aerial Monitoring System?
On March 7, 2019, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari was in Kaduna State, Northwest Nigeria, to commission the Command and Control Centre of the state’s aerial surveillance and monitoring system worth ₦1.24 billion…

9 March 2022
Nigeria’s Petrol Subsidy Set To Surpass ₦3.36tn Oil Revenue
The petrol subsidy to be incurred by the Nigerian government this year looks set to outpace its budgeted oil revenue of ₦3.36 trillion as global oil prices are expected to remain at record highs…

7 March 2022
Guardian Nigeria
Politics of fuel subsidy, scarcity and poor leadership
President Muhammadu Buhari took the nation by surprise recently when he unveiled another round of overseas’ travels amid biting fuel scarcity and attendant crisis nationwide. Buhari, who doubles as the Minister of Petroleum, has not shown sufficient empathy to the plight of Nigerians. It is scandalous that the dirty fuel episode happened; it is most ludicrous that the knock-on effect has endured for a month while the president turns a blind eye. But beleaguered Nigerians deserve more than a wash, rinse and repeat approach to complicit leadership and the energy crisis as a whole…

5 March 2022
Nigeria’s daily petrol subsidy hits ₦10.1bn, as oil surges
Nigeria’s quest to keep its citizens addicted to cheap petrol is causing more pain than gain as the country’s daily subsidy hits ₦10.1 billion, findings by BusinessDay show. While other oil-dependent economies rake in billions of dollars due to soaring oil prices, Africa’s biggest oil-producing country finds itself in a rattrap situation…

3 March 2022
As Ukraine pushes oil over $100, Nigerians see mixed blessings
Weaving in between the Lagos traffic, hawkers selling plantain snacks and water more recently offer drivers another treat: jerry cans filled with petrol to help with fuel shortages. Petroleum-producing nations may be reaping extra revenue since Ukraine’s crisis pushed oil prices above $100 a barrel, but Nigerians this week were struggling with yet another round of fuel scarcities…

Nigeria, Africa’s Top Oil Producer, Faces Severe Gasoline Shortage
A wind of panic blows on the avenues of Lagos. From the early hours of the day, dozens of vehicles pile up at the entrance to service stations, until traffic is completely blocked. These scenes have been repeated for almost a month across the megalopolis of more than 20 million inhabitants, but also in the federal capital, Abuja, or in Kano, the big city in northern Nigeria, as well as in other capitals. regions affected by the fuel shortage

2 March 2022
Pension: 73,600 informal sector workers register for Contributory Scheme in December 2021
Data shows that 73,600 informal sector workers have registered under the Contributory Pension Scheme as of the end of December 2021. This is according to figures obtained from the (National Pension Commission) PenCom’s latest quarterly report…