30 June 2022
In 2023, Nigerian Jollof and a few more of your Favourite things will Cost more
Nigerian jollof is about to become a luxury item, reserved for very special occasions, as that, alongside other basic items, will experience a price hike in 2023. SBM Intelligence’s analysis is based on Nigeria’s current inflation growth rate, which is already one of the highest in the world…

Guardian Nigeria
State healthcare budgets dip from 11 to 4.65 per cent
Compared to last year, there is a significant drop in states’ investment in the health sector, backed by budget decrease from average 11 per cent in 2020 to 4.65 per cent in 2022…

Morning Star News
Attack on Church in Southwest Nigeria Remains a Mystery
Nearly a month after an attack on a Catholic church in southwestern Nigeria, the number killed and the identity of the assailants remain unclear, though the church held a funeral service for “over 40” victims…

29 June 2022
Daily Nigerian
The socio-economic effects of insecurity in Nigeria
Arguably, more than ever before, Nigeria is faced with enormous challenges that are straining its ability to enforce law and order as well as ensure peace and stability in the country. Over the last decade, there is increasing emergence of insurgencies which are no longer limited to a region or material interest, but rather, questioning the legitimacy (or sovereignty) of the state as an institution of governance that has monopoly of violence…

The Dispatch
Nigerian Instability Grows as Abductions and Murders Continue Unchecked
Standing before a gathering of mourning parishioners, Bishop Emmanuel Badejo of the diocese of Oyo, Nigeria, delivered a homily he’d hoped he’d never have to give…

Health Preparedness Index: Ogun, Bayelsa, Delta states top as Lagos drops to 5th place in 2022
A report on state Health Preparedness Index (HPI) has seen Ogun state rise to the top spot in Nigeria, with an index score of 39.91 points. Ogun is followed by Bayelsa with 38.40 points, and Delta and Anambra occupying the 3rd and 4th positions with 29.93 and 27.02 points respectively. Lagos State which topped the index last year dropped to 5th place in 2022, with a score of 26.89 points, from 28.65…

Sahara Reporters
Nigeria Fails To Learn From COVID-19 Outbreak As Many States Reduce Health Budgets
Anew report by SBM Intelligence has shown that Nigeria did not learn from the recent outbreak of coronavirus as many states in the country have reduced spending on health…

28 June 2022
Inflation under Buhari: How it started, how it’s going
When President Muhammadu Buhari took office on May 29, 2015 with a promise to eliminate corruption that had flourished under previous governments, attain food security, and support the poor and vulnerable in the society, Nigerians were hopeful of a better life under his administration…

27 June 2022
Buhari gets the rebuke for saying Nigerians are better off today than in 2015
There are two things politicians do not have control over – time and history. One day, whether they like it or not, their time in power will end. Secondly, the duty of writing their history belongs to others and not the politicians…

News Central TV
Saving Nigeria’s Shrinking Middle Class
For many years Nigeria has had a strong and vibrant middle-class that has helped the country grow and pushed economic development. But that same middle class is struggling now, with several factors making it difficult for more Nigerians to join the middle class and those same factors pushing others out of that level…

Nigeria’s problems will be solved by access to loans
Nigeria has a plethora of economic problems that make any reference to its status as the giant of Africa, very laughable. Agreed, it stands tall as the most populous black nation, but also as one of the poorest, with huge inequalities, high unemployment, and poor infrastructure…

26 June 2022
Peace index: Security experts fault Nigeria’s ranking, decry insecurity level, suggest solutions
Nigeria has been ranked 143 among 163 independent nations and territories, according to the level of peacefulness in the 16th edition of the 2022 Global Peace Index…

24 June 2022
Nigeria’s Middle Class Shrinking As Prices Surge
With the cost of everything from food to stationeries going through the roof, a chunk of Nigeria’s middle class is said to have been wiped out as their purchasing power has taken a dive….

Guardian Nigeria
Report warns rising prices of essentials could trigger social unrest
A report by SB Morgen, Nigeria’s geopolitical intelligence platform, notes that skipping inflation has never triggered political agitation in the country but warns the trend could change if the government does not take urgent steps to manage the current rising prices “responsibly”…

23 June 2022
How prices of some everyday items will increase in May 2023
A new chart by SBM Intelligence has shown how the prices of some selected everyday items will increase by the end of May 2023 if the current inflation rate of 17.71 percent remains the same…

22 June 2022
2,079 die in 68 mass killings between January 2020 and June 2022
No fewer than 68 mass killings were recorded in the country between January 1, 2020 and June 9, 2022, a report by SBM Intelligence has revealed…

Sahara Reporters
How Buhari’s 2015 Delay In Constituting Cabinet, Border Closure, Other Policies Worsened Inflation
Areport by SBM Intelligence has noted that President Muhammadu Buhari’s delay in setting up his cabinet when he assumed office in 2015 crippled Nigeria’s economic potential…

18 June 2022
Guardian Nigeria
Akeredolu weeps at Owo mass burial: We failed to protect these people
Like the forlorn look on the faces of sympathisers during the funeral of former American President, John F. Kennedy on November 25, 1963 at the St. Matthew’s Cathedral, Central Washington DC, those who were at the burial of the slain residents of Owo in Ondo State yesterday were with mournful eyes…

17 June 2022
News Wire NGR
We’ve made impact on security, economy, corruption – Buhari tells a barefaced lie
President Muhammadu Buhari says three priorities of his administration; security, economy and corruption, have received significant attention with measurable results…

15 June 2022
Two political veterans face off in fight for Nigeria’s presidency
When Nigeria’s opposition named veteran operator Atiku Abubakar as its 2023 election candidate, ruling APC party chief Bola Tinubu quickly welcomed a chance to compete against a “worthy” opponent…

The Cable
Never again, Nigeria
Political parties in Nigeria have drawn their curtains on who becomes their flagbearers for offices in the coming 2023 election. Once again, the media space is awash with conversations, campaigns, attacks, counter-attacks and propaganda…

The Sun Nigeria
How multiple taxation cripples telecoms sector
Despite the contribution of the telecommunications sector to the growth and development of the nation’s economy, telecom operators still battle the issue of multiple taxation…

13 June 2022
Sahara Reporters
Never Again Nigeria
Political parties in Nigeria have drawn their curtain on who becomes their flag bearers for offices in the coming 2023 election. Once again, the media space is awash with conversations, campaigns, attacks, counter-attacks and propaganda…

12 June 2022
Daily Post
Democracy Day: Absolutely nothing to celebrate – HURIWA slams Buhari
Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA), on Sunday, said there is nothing to celebrate under the government of President, Muhammadu Buhari…

The Times
The Nigerian new wave: meet the highly educated migrants heading for Britain
Fed up with trying to build his Lagos-based software company during a recession, Femi Ashiru decided to put his dream of making it “big” on hold and try his luck back in Britain instead…

10 June 2022
Methodist Prelate: Unravelling the kidnap ‘industry’
There is trouble in the land. Gun-toting kidnappers are running riot across the country without respect for rank or calling. Recently, on the Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway, Abia State, they stunned the country by abducting the Prelate of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, Samuel Kanu-Uche, and two other priests, dragging the clerics in their hallowed cassocks into the thick forest…

9 June 2022
EFCC looks on as financial inducement allegations haunt primaries
Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nigeria’s top anti-graft agency, again looked helpless as aspirants angling to replace President Muhammadu Buhari looped accusations of financial inducements at their colleague on Tuesday night at the ruling party’s primaries…

8 June 2022
Bleeding economy looms large as presidential candidates emerge
In 1992, when the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid” was famously etched on the Clinton campaign wall, an election defined by economic distress led to the defeat of a formerly popular incumbent president…

Guardian Nigeria
Constitutionalism (3): Doctrine of necessity and right to bear arms
The concern of this article is the savage attack on innocent worshippers at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria, on Pentecost Sunday, June 5, 2022, by vile terrorists…

Nigeria ruling party picks ex-governor of Lagos Tinubu to run for president
Nigeria’s ruling party on Wednesday picked former Lagos State governor Bola Tinubu as its candidate to run for president in elections scheduled for February 2023…

TRT World
‘They failed to act’: Nigerians slam lax security after church attack
As grieving families and friends prepare for the funeral of those killed in an attack on Catholic church that killed at least 50 people in Ondo state on Sunday, Nigerians slammed officials for the deteriorating security situation in the country…

7 June 2022
Buhari to hand next president more insecure Nigeria
Nigeria’s next president will be inheriting mounting security challenges when President Muhammadu Buhari leaves office in about a year from now. Seven years ago when Buhari came to power, Nigeria’s prominent security concern was the Boko Haram terrorism, which was mostly limited to the North-East and Borno State in particular…

Lagos’ war on Okada: What next after the ban?
With yet another ban recently announced on the operations of commercial motorcycles, also known as Okada on certain routes within Lagos, the state government is renewing one of its longest running battles…

Rising inflation, interest rates threaten jobs market recovery
The continued increase in the general prices of goods and services, coupled with the recent hike in the key interest rate, could dent the gradual recovery of jobs in Nigeria’s labour market, analysts say…

The Rising Scourge of Mob Action in Nigeria
The growing trend of mob action or mob justice in Nigeria, needs to be addressed urgently. There are many reasons for this upsurge. Mob justice is a sign of a failing or failed State, where governance is collapsing or has collapsed. It is evidence of lawlessness and impunity…

6 June 2022
African Business
Amid rising violence, let’s focus on Africa’s top 5 conflict hotspots and how their economies are faring
On Sunday June 5, 2022, many Nigerians were shocked and outraged when news broke that some unknown gun men had besieged a Catholic Church in the sleepy town of Owo, killing more than 50 congregants and injuring many others. Among the dead were children and the elderly. We’ve also heard reports of entire families that were wiped out during the onslaught…

Al Jazeera
‘Last prayer’: Nigerian church massacre survivors recount ordeal
Mass had just ended. The choir was singing the closing hymns, waiting for the priest to proceed out of the church when the first gunshot rang out. Seconds later, another gunshot followed…

Daily Post
Owo massacre, porous borders, auxiliary issues
A church in southwestern Nigeria became the site of a bloody attack on Sunday. The attackers reportedly stormed into the church in the city of Owo and began “shooting sporadically,” Adeyemi Olayemi, the legislator representing the Owo constituency in the Ondo State House of Assembly, told CNN…

Guardian Nigeria
Turkiye, Africa need to double down on telling, protecting her stories, says Nwanze
In a world dominated by the reach and power of Western media, the need for other cultures to tell their stories and control their narratives is important, Cheta Nwanze, a partner at Lagos-based SBM Intelligence, has said…

Politics Nigeria
Unknown gunmen abduct mother of APC Senatorial candidate
Hajia Laure Mai Kunu, the aged mother of Kano Central Senatorial candidate under the platform of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), Abdussalam Abdulkarim AA Zaura, has been kidnapped by some unknown gunmen…

The Will
Organised Impunity at Lagos Ports
The myriad of illegal checkpoints on the Apapa and Tin Can Island Ports roads in Lagos, have become a channel of organised impunity, official lawlessness and excesses that defy the authority of the Lagos State Government…

4 June 2022
Mob kill man in Abuja over alleged blasphemy, corpse burnt
A man has been burnt to death by an angry mob in Abuja after allegedly blaspheming Prophet Muhammad. okay.ng gathered that the mob killing occurred at the timber market section of the Fruit Market in Federal Housing Estate, Lugbe…

3 June 2022
Nigerian police seek abductors of prelate freed after ransom
Nigeria’s police on Friday said they are still looking for suspects in the abduction of the head of the Methodist Church Nigeria who was freed in exchange for a ransom of 100 million naira ($240,600)…

2 June 2022
Why $240,000 was paid to my kidnappers – cleric
The head of Nigeria’s Methodist Church, Samuel Kanu has said a ransom of 100m naira ($240,000, £193,000) was paid to secure his freedom and that of two other priests who were kidnapped with him…

The Different Factions Of IPOB Insurgents Tormenting Nigeria’s Southeast
Terrorists suspected to be members of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have continued to perpetrate all forms of attacks in Southeast Nigeria. The emergence of rival factions among the group’s members is contributing to the insurgency…

1 June 2022
The Fuel Subsidy Break: Government Should Amend PIA To Legally Suspend Removal of Subsidy
Nigeria spends about 1.4 trillion naira per year to subsidize the price at which PMS is sold in Nigeria. Removal of subsidy means massive savings for the government enabling investment in other key sectors of the economy. Deregulating petrol pricing will also lead to competition, profitability and investment in the petroleum downstream sector…

CNBC Africa
Lagos implements ban on commercial motorcycles
The fresh ban imposed on operations of commercial motorcycles by the Lagos state government begins today. Confidence McHarry, a Security Analyst at SBM Intelligence, joins CNBC Africa to discuss the security and economic implications of this move…

FG sends 640 soldiers on peacekeeping duties amid insecurity
Nigeria has deployed no fewer than 640 soldiers to different peacekeeping missions in other countries despite the rising cases of insecurity across the country. The figure was based on media reports on deployment between July 2021 and May 2022…