Why SBM?

Equipped with a team of data engineers, scientists and analysts, SBM Intelligence is able to implement several qualitative and quantitative research methods, leveraging leading-edge technological tools to stay as market leaders in predictive analytics. We are known for our expertise in a broad range of areas covering risk and strategy from early warning, global risks, exposure modelling to market evaluation, trend and sustainability analysis and scenario planning.

Our clients include technology startups, corporates, FMCG companies, media, multilateral organisations, investors, insurers and governments across Africa.

We curate from multiple data streams to compile, analyse and synthesise political, economic and market data to produce well-written weekly and monthly African market and submarket reports to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

By offering a full range of competitive intelligence solutions, our training and consulting offerings help clients develop and leverage their internal resources, knowledge, and capabilities. Building on those internal capabilities, SBM Intelligence’s research and strategy offerings provide world-class external validation and analysis.

We know the African socioeconomic and political clime and understand how these sectors intersect. Our market intelligence team, using data discovery and business intelligence tools help our client establish a foothold or increase their presence in markets across the continent.

As part of our offerings, SBM Intelligence helps to cover a variety of analysis from would-be routes to market, competitor, substitute products or services, market growth predictions analysis to market size calculations.

We combine an in-depth understanding of Africa, with strategic communication skills and a commitment to standards of excellence. Our in-house team of analysts cover a broad range of expertise around geopolitical, economic, financial, strategy, policies, business and investment around the continent. We develop impactful research findings and recommendations about marketplace dynamics, helping our clients to develop micro and macro risk coverage, offering advisory to inform businesses and clients to negotiate complex markets.

We provide reliable, credible and quality information on the African markets, leading business news, research, company, economic and financial data resource that aggregates news, data and research from independent analysts and premium sources across financial markets in Africa.

We employ a wide range of data modelling and bespoke monitoring techniques to collect, aggregate, analyse and store your data. We use a hybrid data management system to help prepare your data to be compatible with modern AI and cloud platforms. Beyond data mining, we help visualise primary data to create actionable insights. By doing this, we make your data accessible for business-ready analytics.

For research not requiring our high-level data science team, we employ various data collection methodologies such as in-person, telephonic and mail interviews. Depending on the survey design, our methods can be used separately or combined. Our Data Collection Methodology (DCM) team advises on data collection methods for all ONS social and business surveys and the Census. With clients both within the business and the wider government community, we aim to provide expert advice on data collection procedures and carry out research leading to improvements in survey quality.

Please read our privacy policy for a complete understanding of how we handle your, and your client’s data.